Five Scratch-off Players Win $10,000 Prizes

Maryland Lottery players from across the state recently claimed prizes of $10,000 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

A 45-year-old player from Salisbury picked up a winning $10 All the Money instant ticket from the Denton Liquor Outlet at 30 Denton Plaza. The $10,000 prize claimed left lots of winning scratch-offs in the game, including six $100,000 top prizes and 19 $10,000 prizes.

A 33-year-old player from Pikesville picked up a $20 Monopoly™ scratch-off at High’s store No. 114 located at 15303 Hanover Pike in Upperco and scratched for a big score. He won $10,000 last week! All three $1 million top prizes remain unclaimed in the game, along with all six $50,000 prizes and 10 of 12 $10,000 prizes.

A 44-year-old winner from Riverdale scored $10,000 on a $20 Win Big ticket purchased at the 7-Eleven #27670 at 4199 Kenilworth Avenue in Bladensburg. Four of seven $1 million top prizes remain in this game, along with nine prizes of $50,000 and 35 prizes worth $10,000.

A 29-year-old player from Glen Burnie won a second place $10,000 prize after laying down $10 on a $100,000 Winter Winfall ticket at the EZ Quick Food Market, 231 Mountain Road in Pasadena. All eight of the game’s $100,000 top prizes remain unclaimed, along with 15 of 20 $10,000 second-tier prizes.

A 77-year-old player from Baltimore picked up a $2 Marilyn Monroe™ scratch-off at Plaza Liquors at 5722 Wabash Avenue in the city and scored a $10,000 top prize. Another two top prizes remain unclaimed.

Congratulations to these big winners!