Flintstone Restroom Stop Leads to $20,000 Lottery Win

Frederick County man claims top prize on Hit $20,000 scratch-off

Hit $20,000A restroom break and scratch-off purchase at Billie’s Gas & Grub in Western Maryland gave a Frederick County family a $20,000 Maryland Lottery win.

The winner’s son-in-law had a hand in their good fortune because he bought two Hit $20,000 scratch-off tickets while the men waited for the winner’s daughter.

“We were outside and my son-in-law asked me to choose which one I wanted and I said I wanted the green ticket,” said the 59-year-old winner, chuckling. “I began to scratch the top line off and immediately noticed that it had said I won $5,000. That’s when I got nervous and decided to scratch the rest at home.”

Later, in the privacy of his Emmitsburg home, the father pulled out the $2 instant ticket. “I continued to scratch the rest and it said I had won $20,000,” he said. “Initially, I thought my family was playing a trick on me with fake Lottery tickets.”

The dubious winner confirmed his prize by taking the Hit $20,000 scratch-off to scan on a ticket checker at a local store. The general laborer said this is his lucky year with the Maryland Lottery because he won more than $2,000 in March playing Keno.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to do with the money yet but I’ll probably give my son-in-law a few bucks just for giving me the winning ticket,” he said. The Lottery is also sharing the wealth by giving a bonus of $200 to the retailer for selling the top-prize ticket. Billie’s Gas & Grub is located at 21514 National Pike in Flintstone.