Flooring Worker Nails $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

The Payday Doubler scratch-off delivered a taxes-paid $50,000 prize to lucky Paul and Beth McKoy of Calvert County.

Calvert County man finds lucky Payday Doubler instant ticket

A happy Calvert County flooring employee is house hunting after receiving a $50,000 taxes paid Payday Doubler scratch-off prize.

Paul McKoy had stopped at Discount Liquors in Huntingtown to purchase gas when he decided to pick up a $5 Payday Doubler scratch-off ticket, too. What a lucky day it turned out to be! The 62-year- old nailed the game’s top prize and, because of its taxes-paid feature, Paul takes home the entire

“I was so excited about my win, I forgot to eat my lunch that day,” said the happy player. He immediately went to his wife’s workplace to share his good news. “I walked in and showed her the ticket,” he said. Beth McKoy looked at the instant ticket and, still in disbelief, checked the scratch-
off’s prize amount using the Maryland Lottery app on Paul’s phone.

“Once I saw it in writing,” said Beth, “that is when I really got excited!”

The couple plans to put the prize toward a new home. “This will be a great new beginning for our family,” she said.

Paul’s lucky retailer also wins for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game. Discount Liquors located at 5005 Solomons Island Road earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery for its role in the big win. The game is still packed with prizes. Players can look for seven unclaimed top prizes along with 12
$5,000 prizes and thousands of others.