Florida-Bound Couple Savor Double Lottery Wins

Claim Prizes of $105,000 on Lottery Scratch-off, Pick 4 Games

Green StreakTalk about happy March madness! A Calvert County couple who are planning to move out of state just got a wonderful going-away gift – back-to-back Maryland Lottery wins totaling $105,000!

The wife regularly plays the year 1976 for the Lottery’s Pick 4 game, as well as scratch-offs, at her favorite Port Republic retailer. On March 11, she happily discovered that she’d won $5,000 on that Pick 4 game!

Unfortunately, the Town & Country Lottery retailer couldn’t cash a winning ticket for that much money so she headed to a Prince Frederick retailer she’d frequented in the past. As the clerk there cashed the Pick 4 ticket, she told him, “I really feel like I need to buy something.” She reached out and selected, on a whim, a $10 Green Streak scratch-off. Then, she returned home to her husband.

“I was in the bedroom and she was out in the living room,” he said. “She came in and told me, ‘I think this is a winner.’ She went out and scratched some more and came back and said, ‘I think this is $10,000!’ ” Her final trip back to his side was to relay the fabulous news of the $100,000 scratch-off win, which is last remaining top prize on the ticket.

“This is surreal,” he said, as the couple claimed their prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Our winners found their Green Streak scratch-off win at Ken Mar Liquors at 1525 Solomons Island Road in Prince Frederick.