Following His Intuition Gives Scratch-off Player A Triple Lottery Win

Captures $10,000 prize on Big Play Crossword game

186-Big-Play-Crossword-ITVM_P2-blueA 41-year-old Baltimore man became a three-time Maryland Lottery winner in two months because he gave in to a late-night urge to buy Big Play Crossword scratch-offs.

The loyal scratch-off player won back-to-back $1,000 wins on instant tickets in December. One of those lucky tickets was the $10 Big Play Crossword game. Luckily, he followed his intuition and got to enjoy adding a $10,000 Big Play Crossword win to his roster.

His good fortune happened on a Friday night. He decided to stop at the Orleans Street Citgo located at 1015 Orleans Street in Baltimore to buy three more Big Play Crossword tickets before calling it a night. For some reason, the lucky man had a strong urge to buy tickets. When he scratched off the third instant ticket, he discovered his big win!

“I have no idea why I had such a strong feeling that I should buy scratch-offs that night,” said the excited winner, who has worked as a driver for over 15 years. “I had been praying these past few months that I could get help with all of my debt. I feel like someone answered my prayers.”

After paying off most of his debt, the winner plans to save most of his windfall. “I may even go visit my brother in New York for a few days,” he said.

Although all of the top prizes are claimed in this game, there are still four $10,000 prize-winning tickets and 10 $1,000 winners awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers.