Food Delivery Driver Scores $250,000 Prize on CASH Scratch-off

“Grateful Mom” of Odenton was between Uber Eats delivery calls when she scratched off an instant ticket worth a quarter of a million dollars.

‘Grateful Mom’ of Anne Arundel County becomes a top-prize winner

An Uber Eats driver from Odenton who was parked in a lot, scratching off Maryland Lottery instant tickets between orders, got a massive surprise last week: a $250,000 win on the CASH game.

“Man, I was sitting in that car going crazy!” recalled the mother of five grown children. “I checked it with my app and saw it was for $250,000.” At that moment, she was delirious with excitement. Then, her Uber Eats app buzzed.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to do Uber Eats right now!’” said the 47-year-old. She is remaining anonymous but going by the nickname “Grateful Mom” for purposes of telling her story.

Typically, the Anne Arundel County resident buys two or three instant tickets in a row and scratches them off while waiting for calls for deliveries. On the day of her big win, “Grateful Mom” was between orders. She stopped at Quick Save Mart, located at 524 Defense Highway in Annapolis, and picked out a few pairs of instant tickets. Then, she used the Maryland Lottery app on her smartphone to see what scratch-offs had a lot of top prizes remaining and the $10 CASH game caught her eye.

She limits how much she spends on play sessions so only bought one CASH scratch-off. “Grateful Mom” returned to her car with her games and went about her day until she got a break between deliveries.

The lucky lady has won small prizes regularly and once hit for $1,500. In fact, she was cashing in some low-dollar winners to buy the scratch-off that hit for $250,000. This is her biggest prize to date!

“Grateful Mom” has practical plans for her windfall. Some funds will go to settle bills, some to help her kids out financially and some for a down payment on a house.

Her lucky Lottery retailer also wins. Quick Save Mart picks up a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off.