Forestville Man Gallops to $15,655 Racetrax Win

Trifecta Box ticket pays off for Prince George’s County resident

C. Harris, a 50-year-old Forestville resident, galloped to a $15,655 win after playing only two games of Racetrax on Feb. 22. Harris, who works as an HVAC technician, said he decided to stop in at Freddie’s Liquors at 7700 Marlboro Pike in Forestville after a long day at work and play a few rounds of the computer-animated horse racing game.

“I must have been there for only five minutes when I realized I had won big,” Harris said.

The excited winner said Racetrax is his favorite Lottery game, and he typically enjoys playing as he relaxes on his way home from work. He added that he likes to pick his horses in sequence and play Trifecta Box tickets, where players select three horses to finish first, second and third in any order. Harris didn’t win anything on his first Trifecta Box ticket on Feb. 22, but his one-draw ticket with horses 10, 11, and 12 was the one that did the trick. The first three horses in his winning race were 11, 12 and 10.

“I guess Racetrax is my favorite Lottery game because in the past few months I’ve won $3,600 and $500 and now over $15,000,” Harris said. “I was thinking to myself, it can’t be this easy.”

He said he plans to pay taxes with some of his prize money and save the rest.

“This is great,” he said. “I spent $15 in about five minutes and won over $15,000. You just can’t beat that.”

Freddie’s Liquors is a winner as well. For selling the winning ticket, the retailer will receive a $156.55 bonus from the Maryland Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize value.