Forget about the Groceries, Honey, I Won $10,000!

Baltimore woman comes home from store with winning 10x Cash scratch-off

10x CashAfter shopping and paying for her groceries, a Baltimore woman headed straight for the store’s Maryland Lottery scratch-offs to satisfy a growing impulse to try her luck.

What happened next sent the 40-something professional rushing home to dump the bags of groceries on the kitchen counter so she could talk to her husband. After all, putting away the groceries can wait when you’ve just won $10,000 on a 10x Cash scratch-off!

Her day took a fabulous turn as she stood in line at the Giant at 6340 York Road in Baltimore waiting to buy her groceries. The secretary spotted the Lottery scratch-off tickets and, after paying her bill, acted on the impulse to buy one.

“I only had $10 in my pocket,” she said. Our winner remembers thinking “what the heck” as she bought one $10 scratch-off. She began scratching off the ticket in the Baltimore County store and, right away, realized her ticket was a winner.

“I thought, ‘I got my $10 back’ and I decided to scratch the rest of the card,” she said. Every scratch revealed more money won. “Oh, this says $1,000,” she remembers thinking. At that point, her calm disappeared. “I said to myself, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ My stomach started getting jittery and I started shaking.” She took her groceries to the car, zoomed home and shared the news with her husband.

“He looked at the ticket 50,000 times,” she said. They enjoyed a quiet celebration and no one knows she won! And, yes, the groceries did get put away eventually.

Her husband, who is a healthcare worker, hid the ticket in a bag overnight until they could come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim their prize. “I couldn’t sleep last night,” she said. “I still can’t believe it.”