Forgotten 5 Card Cash Ticket Worth $100,000

Pikesville Woman - 5 Card Cash

The first 5 Card Cash top prize winner claims their prize.

Newly retired Pikesville woman wins first $100,000 top prize

Lottery officials have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the 5 Card Cash game’s first $100,000 top-tier winner from the February 28 drawing. The mystery was solved today when a Pikesville woman claimed the prize. The 58-year-old recently found the ticket — under her car mat — when she went to renew her vehicle’s registration.

The lucky winner decided to check the ticket at a store, which is when she learned the prize was too high to cash and she had to take it to Lottery headquarters. After returning home, the woman went on the Lottery’s website and saw that her ticket matched all five cards drawn. “I called my aunt and uncle right away,” she said. “They just told me that this couldn’t have happened to a better person.”

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To make things even sweeter, the lucky woman realized her big win only days after retiring from her job as a corrections officer. “This is a pretty big week for me,” the woman said quietly. “I’ve never won anything this big before. It’ll be nice having this money now that I’m retired.”

The new retiree plans to pay off some bills and is looking forward to enjoying retirement to the fullest. “Now that I’m retired, I have some time to take care of a few things,” she said smiling. “When I go home, I’ll just get back to my spring cleaning. I’ve really been trying to get that done.” The lucky ticket was purchased at the Plaza Amoco BP at 6220 Reisterstown Rd. in Baltimore City.