Forgotten Mega Millions Ticket Worth $1 Million

Missouri man claims ticket from Oct. 1 drawing

A Missouri-based government contractor was so preoccupied with a family emergency that he had completely forgotten about the Mega Millions ticket that had been sitting in his wallet for several weeks. It was only when a coworker reminded him to check his tickets that he learned of his new millionaire status. Purchasing the Megaplier for an extra dollar netted him the $1 million Mega Millions second-tier prize.

The man told Lottery officials that he often travels to Maryland for work and always purchases a Mega Millions ticket for his wife who remains at home in Missouri. “She always picks the same numbers. It’s always a combination of birthdays, ages and dates,” he shared.

As soon as he learned that their ticket was work $1 million, the lucky man called his wife of over 25 years. “I asked her if she was sitting down, because her ticket had hit,” he chuckled. “I wish she could’ve been here to claim the ticket with me. This is really happening all because of her.”

The couple knows exactly how the money will be spent. In addition to contributing to their grandchildren’s college funds and paying small debts, they are hoping to take a trip to Hawaii.

“She’s been talking about a trip to Hawaii for a while. Hopefully she’ll take me along,” he joked.

The $1 million ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven #27411, located at 6570 Coventry Way in Clinton.