Forgotten Scratch-off Reveals $1 Million Lottery Win!

Eldersburg woman cleans up with top prize on Hit The Jackpot ticket

Hit The JackpotWhat happens when you unknowingly buy a $1 million winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off, place it in a drawer to play later and then forget all about it? If you find the ticket in time to claim your prize, you get a nice surprise when you spot the forgotten scratch-off and the surprise of your life when you discover you’re a millionaire!

An Eldersburg woman enjoyed both surprises on Memorial Day after finding a misplaced Hit The Jackpot scratch-off. The 70-year-old Lottery player was busy cleaning her home to make space to move her mother in when she discovered the $20 scratch-off.

“I was cleaning out my drawer and found the ticket there unscratched,” said the Carroll County resident.

She’s uncertain when she bought the scratch-off at AJ & Shawn Sunoco at 1400 Liberty Road in Eldersburg. When she realized she held a winning ticket, the happy player took the scratch-off to a local retailer. After the clerk scanned the ticket, he informed her that her win was so large she had to go to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her prize. The retiree went straight home and shared the great news with her husband.

“I was still in disbelief and was in some shock,” he said, laughing.

Our winner will spend some of her prize on home improvements and plans to give money to her church and to help members of her family.

The Hit The Jackpot scratch-off went on sale last summer with more than $21 million in total prizes. Keep an eye out for more winning tickets, Lottery players! Still in the stores awaiting discovery are 16 top-level prize-winning tickets for $1 million, $50,000 and $10,000.