Former College Softball Player’s Lucky Number Hits $10,000 Home Run

Caroline County resident wins big on $10,000 Gold Rush scratch-off ticket

241-$10,000-Gold-Rush-ITVMA former college softball player was feeling lucky after a Sunday morning donut run during Memorial Day Weekend and decided to purchase a few Lottery tickets. That lucky feeling drove her to a $10,000 top prize on the $10,000 Gold Rush scratch-off game.

Amanda, a resident of Greensboro in Caroline County, bought her donuts in the drive-thru lane at the Sheetz store at 2045 Bedford Road in Cumberland on May 29. When she took a glance at the receipt she noticed that she was customer No. 77. And that was all the softball star needed to see.

“My number on my travel team was 7 and my number in college was 77, so I was feeling lucky, Amanda said.

Her significant other gave her $20 and she went into the store to buy a handful of $1 and $2 tickets. Back in the car, she scratched the tickets as he drove. They won a total of $18 on the first four tickets, but the fifth one gave them the big prize Amanda knew was coming.

After revealing a coin symbol with a $5,000 prize, Amanda got excited.

“I told him, ‘Pull over! Pull over!” she said.

And when they inspected the ticket more closely they found they had also matched one of the winning numbers, which delivered another $5,000.

Amanda, who works in the medical field, said the $10,000 prize “happened at a good time” for the lucky couple, who have an 11-month-old daughter.

“I’d like to get a new car, and I can put a little down payment on it now,” she said.

The $10,000 Gold Rush ticket launched in January, and one of its $10,000 top prizes is still waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state. There are also thousands of other prizes ranging from $2 to $5,000.