Fort Washington Woman Unwraps $100,000 Birthday Surprise

Wins Green Bucks scratch-off top prize

Loretta Landry and her daughter, Roxie, were driving around on May 29th, which happened to be Loretta’s 71st birthday, when they passed their favorite Lottery retailer. Although Loretta is an avid fan of Maryland Lottery games, she needed a little extra prodding from Roxie that afternoon to stop and play. Once in the store, she made her usual Lottery purchases and with $10 to spare, she asked the clerk to pick a scratch-off for her.

It wasn’t until later that evening that Loretta played her Green Bucks ticket. The widowed mother-of-four scratched the first number to reveal a $1,000 win. “I called to my granddaughter, Raquel,” said Loretta. With no response, Loretta called again. Although her granddaughter was still oblivious to Loretta’s hollers, Roxie jumped up and ran to her mother concerned that something was wrong.

She showed her daughter the ticket and said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of them were like this?” Soon joined by Raquel, the two of them then looked on as Loretta uncovered win after win after win.

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“I kept saying, ‘keep going, keep going, keep going…,’” said Roxie, who accompanied her mom to Lottery Headquarters. “She’s screaming. I’m screaming. We’re all screaming, It was one of the happiest moments we ever experienced.”

When all was said and done, the lucky ladies had lost their voices and found themselves $100,000 richer. “We had to put our math skills to the test,” said Roxie. The elated-twosome said that the prize money would go into the bank. “I want to invest and watch it grow,” said Loretta. “And, I may take a cruise,” she said with a little chuckle.

The winning ticket was purchased at Tantallon Exxon, located at 10815 Indianhead Hwy. in Fort Washington. There are still four $100,000 top prizes remaining on the Green Bucks ticket.