Fortune Cookie Brings Lottery Fortune to Future Bride

Wins $30,070 with fortune cookie’s “lucky numbers”

Before hearing wedding bells, “Keno Queen” of Hanover heard the happy sound of money coming her way when she won $30,070 on a six-spot Keno ticket.

“What’s funny is I told my father, ‘Dad, I’m getting married, so you’re going to need to win the lotto,’ ” the happy winner said. The Anne Arundel County resident was joking around but her father took the joke seriously. He decided to surprise the bride-to-be with a Keno ticket and headed to Royal Farms #180 in Owings Mills.

“I bought the ticket and showed her,” he said. “When she saw the numbers I picked, she started to laugh.” The numbers he played on the 20-draw ticket were “lucky numbers” from a fortune cookie they got the previous night with their Chinese dinner.

The busy 25-year-old had trouble finding time to see if her Keno ticket won anything so her father took charge. After scrolling through and finding their games and the winning numbers, the father of the future bride saw that she won $30,070!

After settling down from his exciting discovery, the father texted “Keno Queen” to share the great news. “He texted me, saying, ‘Honey I think we just won $30’ and I immediately thought to myself that it wasn’t the amount I was hoping to win on the Lottery,” the lucky lady said. “He then told me, ‘Not $30, but $30,000!’ I was very excited after that!”

With the wedding date getting closer and closer, “Keno Queen” plans to use the prize toward bills for her big day and will possibly save some for her and her “Keno King” to enjoy together.

Joining in on this win is Royal Farms #180 located at 11510 Reisterstown Road. Because the winnings were over $10,000, the Baltimore County retailer earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery.