Frederick County Man and Scratch-Off Newbie Brings in A Lot of Cash

Claims $50,000 top prize on 20X the Cash scratch-ticket

It’s only been four months since one lucky lottery enthusiast has been playing scratch-off games regularly. After playing lottery for years and winning small amounts on other games, the lucky 56-year-old decided to try his lucky with scratch-off games. Four months into this new endeavor and the happy winner takes home a $50,000 top prize win on a 20X the Cash ticket.

When asked of his new-found affinity for scratch-off tickets, he simply says that he enjoys playing them. “This is crazy,” the man thought to himself as he quietly sat and scratched his ticket. In total disbelief he called his wife to give the ticket a second look and she was also pleasantly shocked. When asked of his plans for his new fortune, he says that he’s still soaking it all in and doesn’t have any plans for it as of yet.

The retired electrical engineer bought his lucky ticket at the Wawa located at 5833 Ballenger Creek Pike in Frederick where usually goes to buy lottery tickets. Wawa also gets a small bonus of $500 for selling a top prize scratch-off of $50,000.

This exciting ticket launched January of this year and there are still three top prizes remaining as well as several smaller prizes ranging from $5 to $5,000.