Frederick County Man Hits the Jackpot with Super Slots Scratch-off

Paul Powell - Super Slots

Paul Powell of Myersville won $77,700 playing the Maryland Lottery’s new Super Slots scratch-off released to area stores on Nov. 18.

Claims $77,700 top prize on $5 Maryland Lottery ticket

Frederick county resident Paul Powell picks up a newspaper, coffee and a few Maryland Lottery scratch-offs every weekend. Always looking for new tickets with multipliers, Paul decided to try the $5 Super Slots scratch-off. Little did he know, he was about to walk away with the $77,700 top prize.

The 34-year-old always scratches the numbers he needs to match before revealing the associated prize. When he unveiled the sole matching number on his ticket, he was completely shocked to see the $77,700 top prize.

“I had to look it over again and again, I thought I was seeing it wrong,” he said, laughing. “I even read the numbers out loud to make sure it was right.”

The Myersville resident had one of the six Super Slots top-prize-winning tickets in his hands. He shared the good news with his wife of over a year and shot off a quick text to the rest of his family.

“We were supposed to go pick out our Christmas tree later that day anyway, so it was pretty funny. They were all pretty excited for me,” he told Lottery officials.

Paul is looking forward to becoming a first-time homeowner, thanks to his lucky ticket. “I’ve been renting my whole life,” he said. “Whatever is left after taxes is going straight toward a down payment on a house. I’m investing it. I’m not going to waste it.”

Paul picked up his lucky Super Slots ticket at the Myersville Sunoco located at 9630 Myersville Road in Myersville. The scratch-offs went on sale at Maryland retailers on Nov. 18. Five $77,700 top-prize tickets, 10 $7,000 winning tickets and 31 $1,000 winning tickets are in area stores along with tens of thousands of prizes from $5 to $490.