Frederick Man Changes Numbers Just in Time for $40,004 Win

Dale Brothers - Keno

Dale Brothers of Frederick won $40,004 on an eight-spot Keno ticket!

Matches all eight Keno numbers

Dale Brothers had been playing the same eight Keno numbers for the past six months. A few weeks back, the Frederick man changed two of those numbers just in time for a $40,004 win.

“I noticed that two of the numbers — 33 and 38 — kept coming out, so I decided to change them to 23 and 28,” the 57-year-old chef told Lottery officials. “I changed them just in time to hit it big!”

Dale played a total of 10 games on his ticket. He was watching the numbers pop up during his seventh game when he started yelling “yes” as his numbers appeared. “When that eighth number showed up, I couldn’t believe it. I showed it to my friend to double check.”

The prize would have been $10,000 if Dale hadn’t added the Keno Bonus prior to playing. The bonus for this game was four times, making his win $40,000. A $4 win on another game brought his total up to $40,004.

“I didn’t even wait for my other three games to end,” Dale said. “As soon as I confirmed my win, I went home to put my ticket in a safe place.”

Dale, who moved to Frederick 20 years ago from Boston, has three children ranging in age from 6 to 14. He has been a chef at a Gaithersburg restaurant for 15 years. Although his kids have some big plans for his prize, Dale plans to pay off bills and save the rest.

He bought the winning ticket at his regular spot, Ballenger Creek Pike Exxon located at 5870 Ballenger Creek Pike in Frederick.