Frederick Man Scores 2nd Big Maryland Lottery Win

Claims $50,000 Deluxe Cash Crossword Top Prize

147-Deluxe-Cash-Crossword-ITVM_P1_purpleCan Lottery luck hit twice in two years at the same store for the same man? The answer is yes, if you’re our lucky winner from Frederick! Hillcrest Beer, Wine and Spirits in Frederick marks the lucky spot for this fellow, who won $100,000 on a Diamonds scratch-off about 18 months ago and just scratched off a $50,000 winning Deluxe Cash Crossword ticket.

When he walked into the Maryland Lottery’s Winner’s Lounge in Baltimore to claim his prize, the Frederick resident surprised Lottery staffers with his news.

“I’ve been in this room before,” he said with a big smile. “I won $100,000 a couple years ago!”

The winner told Lottery officials that he doesn’t play the Lottery often, and that his mother is the big player in the family. He mentioned that when he takes her to get her tickets, he occasionally buys a scratch-off or two and this time chose the $5 winning ticket.

With his past prize on the $10 Diamonds scratch-off, the exterminator changed jobs, paid bills and helped family members. He plans to do much the same this time. “My main goal is to help my family,” he said.

Want to check out his lucky store? Head for 1090 W. Patrick St. The Deluxe Cash Crossword game just launched in April has seven $50,000 top prizes remaining and 19 $10,000 second-tier prizes.