Frederick Man’s $75 Casino Win Leads to $100,000 Scratch-Off Prize

Emerald 10s game delivers top-prize win

Lady Luck followed a Frederick man from one of the state’s casinos to a Maryland Lottery retailer, giving him a $100,000 return on his investment of casino winnings into four scratch-offs. “Lucky Scratcher” is among our first $100,000 top-prize scratch-off winners of 2020!

“When I was finished playing Roulette at the casino with my mom, I dropped her off and went to grab some gas,” said the father of two. The 54-year-old stopped at Ballenger Creek Pike Exxon in Frederick. “I used the $75 I won at the table to pay for three $20 2020 Cash and one Emerald 10s scratch-off. I scratched them all at the store and, boy, was I shocked!”

The 2020 Cash scratch-offs were non-winners but his luck changed with the Emerald 10s instant ticket. “Lucky Scratcher” revealed the emerald symbol with the words “Win All” beneath it. At first, he thought he won $1,000 and was excited to share the good news with his mom and brother.

“I took a photo and sent it to my twin brother, who won $1,000 on a scratch-off before,” said “Lucky Scratcher.” “I wanted to see what he thought about my win. He texted me back and said, ‘I think you have a big winner here!’ ”

The Frederick County electrician took a second look at the scratch-off and found his error. The emerald symbol meant he won all of the prizes shown on the scratch-off. “Lucky Scratcher” took out his phone and started to add up all of the prizes on the $10 instant ticket. His grand-prize total: $100,000!

A regular Lottery player since 1989, “Lucky Scratcher” has won $200 here and there but nothing this big. He plans to use his prize to put a new roof on his house and a down payment on a new truck. He also will earmark funds for his grandchildren and donate money to a children’s cancer charity.

“This money came at a perfect time. I have a small grandchild and one on the way. I plan on doing something nice for them both,” “Lucky Scratcher” said. “I am very grateful.”

Ballenger Creek Pike Exxon located at 5870 Ballenger Creek Pike in Frederick is also a winner. For selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the Frederick County store earns a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery.

The Emerald 10s instant ticket, which went on sale Sept. 23, is packed with big prizes. “Lucky Scratcher’s” top-prize win was the fourth of eight $100,000 top prizes claimed so far in the game. Pick up an instant ticket today and join the hunt for the remaining 14 unclaimed $10,000 prizes and 30 unclaimed $1,000 prizes.