Frederick Woman Riding a Lottery Hot Streak

Claims $250,000 top prize on $250,000 Rich scratch-off

A lucky Frederick woman who plays Maryland Lottery games at least once a week just found the ultimate prize on the $250,000 Rich scratch-off —$250,000!

The 71-year-old has enjoyed a streak of small and medium-size wins playing the $10 game. The source of her Lottery luck is Jefferson Street Exxon, located at 400 S. Jefferson Street in Frederick. The loyal player visited the business to buy two $250,000 Rich instant tickets after winning $1,000 and $500 in the game. Both of her latest scratch-offs were winners, too, with the smaller prize for $50 and the larger for $250,000. The top-prize win had the player doubting her vision.

“I turned on every light in the house because of my cataracts,” she said, “I wanted to make sure I was seeing correctly.”

The Frederick County resident has only shared news of her win with her niece and a co-worker. Her niece screamed after hearing of her good fortune, the winner said, and her co-worker was in shock. The lucky winner has worked as a medical records clerk for 18 years. When asked about her plans for her prize, she said she will save it for her retirement.

This game went on sale in February and still has two top prizes remaining, four $20,000 prizes and eight $10,000 prizes. Her lucky retailer, Jefferson Street Exxon, earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $250,000 top-prize scratch-off. Congratulations!