Fresh Fruit Shopper Leaves Grocery with Mega Greens

Wins $50,000 playing Maryland Lottery Double Dice scratch-off

Double DiceA Baltimore woman who dropped into a Weis grocery in Windsor Mill on a mission to find fresh fruit wound up taking home lots of greens instead. The 42-year-old added a Maryland Lottery scratch-off to her grocery cart that was worth $50,000!

The loyal Maryland Lottery scratch-off player works for one of the nation’s popular airlines and is embarking on a brief vacation – thanks to her employee benefits – to the Dominican Republic in a few days. Thinking she should try to win some extra cash for her trip, the single woman finished her fruit hunt and headed for the Lottery scratch-offs.

She bought three Top Secret Cash scratch-offs and, although she wanted a fourth ticket, none were available. Our lucky winner selected a scratch-off that was new to her, the Double Dice, and bought one ticket.

She won nothing on her regular Top Secret Cash scratch-offs. As she scratched the Double Dice ticket, the woman got the surprise of her life.

“I scratched it and I kept looking, I was saying, ‘OMG. OMG. That says 50 thou … 50 thou! It’s really true!’ ” she recalled, beaming, as she sat with her brother in the Winners’ Lounge at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

She plans to spend some of her winnings on her vacation, will make home improvements and financially help her mom and Lucee, a short haired Chihuahua who is her mom’s companion.

Scratch-off tickets are not the only game this Lottery player enjoys. She also favors Pick 4, and regularly plays the same numbers based on her address, her mom’s address, her address with the numbers one up and her year of birth. She won $2,600 a few years ago.

Want to try to catch her scratch-off luck? Our winner bought her tickets at the Weis at 7005 Security Blvd. in Windsor Mill.