Friendly Advice Produces Powerful Payoff

Baltimore Man Wins $20,000 Powerball Prize

PowerballA tired Cottrell Wesson arrived at Lottery Headquarters this morning to claim his $20,000 Powerball win from Saturday night’s drawing. The steel mill operating tech, who had just come off a 16-hour shift, perked up considerably though when chatting with Lottery Officials.

Cottrell purchased his Powerball tickets with the Power Play option on Friday at the urging of a friend. “He told me about the Power Play 10X promotion and said ‘you’re lucky, why don’t you play,’” said Cottrell. Only a week and a half ago, the 42-year-old winner won $500 on a scratch-off ticket. He bought his Powerball tickets with $44 that he just won playing Multi-Match.

News of his win was a gradual affair for Cottrell. He stopped at a gas station on a trip to Walmart with his wife on Saturday, where the store’s scanner said “See Lottery.”

“I wanted to go home and check my numbers on the computer,” said Cottrell. “I told my wife, ‘I’ve gotta see if I need to go to work.”  Cottrell actually figured that he had won about $600. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon, when he went online, that he learned of his considerably larger windfall.

The father-of-two said that he has a family vacation to Disney World planned for this summer and that his Powerball money will take care of the trip

The winning ticket was purchased at Moravia Exxon located at 6000 Moravia Rd. in Baltimore City.