Friendly Competition Yields $10,000 Win

Delaware milk salesman buys winning scratch-off in Queen Anne’s County

A Delaware man who works in Maryland is “milking” a $10,000 prize he won playing the $10 scratch-off game, Maximum Money. He and a friend play Lottery games often and sometimes challenge each other to see who can end up with more prizes. The winner said he gets mad because many times his friend wins, but this time he came out on top.

Lottery luck came his way about three weeks ago in Queen Anne’s County when he was on a break from his job as a milk salesman and bought a couple of scratch-offs at Rhodes Store, located at 620 Main Street in Church Hill.

“My friend will buy a $10 ticket and if it’s a winner, turn it back in for another,” he said, adding that he implemented his friend’s technique and wound up winning $10,000.

“I picked the Maximum Money ticket and I won $10,” he laughed. “I cashed it right in and got another.”

The father of five daughters said he first saw the 10X when he scratched the ticket and thought his win would be around $50. But when he scratched under that symbol he saw a $1,000 prize.

“I went outside and kept pacing around my truck trying to decide what to do,” he said with a smile. “I went back in and asked if they could cash it, but they said it was too high.” That meant the 59-year-old winner needed to come to Baltimore to claim the prize.

The lucky winner said he plans to pay bills with the prize money and buy his significant other a new cell phone.

The Maximum Money game launched in April, and seven of its $100,000 top prizes remain unclaimed, along with 23 more $10,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.