Friend’s Advice Brings Randallstown Man Luck

Wins $30,000 Prize Playing Blackout Bingo Scratch-off

Vincent Volker, a plumber from Randallstown, is a big fan of Maryland Lottery games.  He tries his luck with Pick 3 and Pick 4 several times a week, he always plays the big jackpot games but, most of all, he enjoys the instant games.  Well, not all instant games.  There’s one type of scratch-off that Vincent avoids like the plague.  Until this week, that is.

It was lunch time on Wednesday and Vincent and his buddy George stopped in at Jusgo’s Deli, 1837 Clifton Avenue in Baltimore, for a bite.  “I decided to grab a few scratch-offs and George suggested that I try a crossword or bingo game,” Vincent told officials.  “I never play them, there’s just something about those games I don’t like.”  Nevertheless, he listened to the advice and picked a Blackout Bingo ticket.

After lunch the pair scratched their tickets.  “George was showing me how to play the bingo game, where to scratch and what numbers to look for when he just stopped talking.”  The look on his friend’s face told Vincent all that he needed to know.  “When we figured out it was a $30,000 winner I just about went crazy – jumping, yelling.  I’d never won anything before.”

Vincent plans to pay bills with his winnings and also to help furnish an apartment he’s getting soon with his girlfriend.  He also now has a new favorite type of scratch-off game.