Gaithersburg Man Wins $50,062 Bonus Match 5 Prize After Dreaming of a Song

Aloha! Gaithersburg resident “Coach Don” plans celebrate his Bonus Match 5 win with his family in Hawaii.

A song gave Montgomery County man three of the five winning numbers

A Montgomery County youth football/soccer/baseball coach heard a song in his dream and that song helped him win a $50,062 Bonus Match 5 top prize from the Aug. 31 drawing.

“I dreamed of the Jackson 5’s great song ‘ABC’,” said “Coach Don”. “The part ‘as easy as 123’ really stuck with me.”

As he stood inside Main Street Beer and Wine in Gaithersburg, Coach Don kept hearing the song play over and over again in his head. As he started to fill in the squares on his Bonus Match 5 playslip, he realized that he needed two numbers in addition to the 1,2 and 3, so he added 21—the age he started playing the Lottery—and 26—the age he won his first big payout.

The father of two put the ticket in his pocket and forgot about it until a few days after the drawing. He saw the numbers on his phone and thought, “I think I played those numbers before.” The Gaithersburg winner then checked his pocket and scanned the tickets. He couldn’t believe it, so he drove to two different retailers to make sure there wasn’t some sort of malfunction with the machine. But there was no malfunction, with just one ticket and a dream, Coach Don won $50,062!

Our lucky winner plans to take his family to Hawaii and donate to a sports-based non-profit that helps underserved children experience all the fun and comradery that sports has to offer.

This was the Lottery’s 34th top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket of 2021. The winning Lottery retailer also has reason to celebrate! The Lottery will give the lucky store, Main Street Beer and Wine located at 300 Main Street in Gaithersburg, a bonus of $500 for selling a top-tier winning Bonus Match 5 ticket.