Additional Rules

Rules governing this game are stated below and throughout this consumer brochure. In addition, the following rules govern the 5 Card Cash game. 5 Card Cash Tickets (“Tickets”; singular, “Ticket”) are bearer instruments. For your protection, sign the back of your Ticket. Your game Ticket is the only valid proof of the 5 cards selected for you and the only valid proof for claiming a prize. Ticket sales will close prior to each Daily Drawing. Tickets sold after that time will be for the next day’s Daily Drawing. Draw, drawing and drawn refer to any random selection event.

5 CARD CASH TICKETS CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR VOIDED AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN PROCESSED. You have the sole responsibility for your Ticket(s). Your ticket will be valid for the drawing date printed below “1 Draw” on your Ticket. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (“Lottery” or “Maryland Lottery”) is responsible only for the cards actually drawn via the Lottery terminal. Neither the Lottery, nor Lottery retailers will be
responsible for printing errors.

By purchasing a 5 Card Cash Ticket, the player (player and winner are sometimes referred to as “you” and “your”) agrees that, as amended from time to time, all 5 Card Cash Rules and all Lottery laws, statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, decisions, and rules, and all other applicable laws govern all aspects of the 5 Card Cash Ticket, game, claiming, prizes and payments.

The Lottery is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed Tickets, Tickets redeemed in error, or winning cards repeated or displayed in error. All winning Tickets are subject to validation by the Lottery in accordance with  Lottery rules and regulations. The only official winning cards are the cards actually drawn. Tickets that are mutilated, altered or irregular in any manner, or otherwise fail to meet validation or security requirements are void.

Prizes are not assignable or transferable except as provided by law. All winnings are subject to state, local and federal taxation. The Lottery’s liability for void or nonconforming tickets, if any, is limited to replacement of the Ticket.