You know what they say, “The shinier the seven, the luckier it is.” We’re not really sure who says that, but this scratch-off might just have some lucky juju.

The unofficial mascot of our state is the beloved blue crab. We love to pick ‘em. And we love that their claws look like the number 7.

Lucky for us, Maryland’s state flower is the ever-sunny Black-eyed Susan. We keep them around all year to soak in their undeniable cheer.

There’s no seven dollar bill. So, we decided to make a seven out of $100 bills. Somehow, that feels luckier to us.

This number seven is bursting with Maryland Lottery luck. And we’re trying to give you all the luck we’ve got. Do you feel it?

Yellow sevens. Blue sevens. Upside-down sevens. Sideways sevens. Sevens next to sevens. Sevens inside sevens. Can you tell we love sevens?

Oh Maryland, how we love thy flag. It’s the best. And the coolest. And probably the luckiest… because we’re making the rules here.