Garrett County Couple Find $1 Million Lottery ‘Fortune’

Garrett County  Couple - Double Dollar Fortune

The lucky anonymous couple can’t wait to share news of their millionaire
status with their children later this week.

First Top Prize Claimed on the Double Dollar Fortune Scratch-off

Garrett County is abuzz with excitement about a huge Maryland Lottery scratch-off win claimed by a local couple on Monday. The two regularly enjoy playing Maryland Lottery games. They were shocked to discover they held a Double Dollar Fortune scratch-off ticket worth $1 million.

“I still can’t believe it,” the man said.

As part of their regular weekend routine, the pair usually purchases several scratch-off tickets. They favor the Lucky 7s Game Book ticket. On a whim, they decided to try the new $20 Double Dollar Fortune ticket.

“We had actually just started purchasing the $20 tickets again a few months ago after taking a break,” the man shared. “I had a choice between buying another Game Book or the one we got. I just thought it was a shiny looking ticket and tried it. I’m sure glad I did!”

The man’s “better half” told Lottery officials that she felt weak when she realized the ticket was so valuable. “I just kept looking at the ticket. I couldn’t believe it,” she shared. The man, who enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time, recalls running two laps around the house to celebrate.

The couple struggled with the important decision of where to store their ticket until Lottery headquarters opened on Monday morning. “We made quite a few copies of the ticket, and then I put the ticket in my bedroom drawer,” the man said. “I didn’t like it there, so I put it in the bathroom in a Ziploc bag. We put the ticket under the mattress twice. We just kept moving it.”

They worried someone might break in and steal the ticket, so he only told his best friend – a law enforcement officer – about the ticket and swore him to secrecy.

“In the end, we put it in a cable manual on top of our entertainment center,” the new millionaire laughed. “I mean, who reads those anyway? No one would ever look there.”

The owners of the store that sold the winning ticket, Sid Turner and his partner Laurie Turner, were very happy to hear that their store made Lottery history. The $1 million ticket is the store’s largest win to date.

“We’re locally owned and operated and really appreciate everyone’s business over the last 18 years,” Sid Turner told Lottery officials over the phone. “We’ll have to put a sign outside to advertise that we sold a $1 million winner!”

The almost three-hour trip to Baltimore headquarters was well worth it for the new millionaires. To celebrate, the sweethearts planned to stay for lunch in the city and pick up a few more tickets before making the long trek back home. For now, the couple plans to put most of the money into their travel and retirement funds.

The lucky store is Chestnut Ridge Gas and Liquors at 2534 Chestnut Ridge Road in Grantsville.

Chestnut Ridge Gas and Liquors