Generous Baltimore Woman Receives Gift of Her Own

Wins more than $27,000 playing Racetrax

A 74-year-old Baltimore woman has spent her life giving to others. Over the years, she has fostered many children and still maintains relationships with them. In fact, she would not have won her $27,745 Racetrax prize had it not been for them.

“I use their birthdates when I play the Lottery,” the happy winner told Lottery officials. “I just randomly pick which birthdays I’m going to use and I happened to pick the right ones this time.”

When the woman played her Racetrax ticket at Monument Street Shell, she didn’t stay to watch the monitor game in person. When she remembered her ticket and stopped by a Lottery retailer to check it, she got a surpise.

“When I checked it, the message read that it was too high to cash, but it didn’t say how much I won,” she said. “I called my niece and nephew and we came here to claim it. I couldn’t believe when I saw that I won this large of a prize.”

With her winnings, our lucky winner will continue her generous ways and purchase some extra Christmas gifts for loved ones. She also plans to save some of the money to take a much deserved trip next year.

Her lucky Shell station is located at 5000 Pulaski Hwy in Baltimore. For selling the winning ticket, the retailer will receive a bonus from the Lottery for around $275.