Generous Woman Receives Her Very Own Lottery Blessing

Scratch-off fan wins $100,000 top prize on Bankroll Buck$ game

“Helping others should come from the heart, not because you are seeking a reward,” said a 59-year-old scratch-off winner. The Baltimore player who so enjoys helping others got some help of her own from Lady Luck recently. She won $100,000 playing the $10 Bankroll Buck$ scratch-off, which added to her prizes from a lucky winning streak.

The grateful player is a fan of the Lottery, playing Pick 3, Pick 4 and scratch-offs each week. She went to her Lottery retailer, Broadway Liquors, last week and purchased her games, including eight $10 scratch-offs. She took all of them home to play.

The instant tickets revealed a little win here and there until she started on the two Bankroll Buck$ scratch-offs. The first one she scratched was a $100,000 top-prize winner!

Not immediately believing her luck, the player called her sister to come over to share the good news and to confirm her big win. She then called her boyfriend.

“She told me to come straight home, that she had a treat for me,” said the boyfriend, who accompanied her to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters. “I thought she hit Pick 4 or something, not a scratch-off.”

He added that she is always helping others and that this win is her blessing.

The Social Security Administration employee revealed that she’s been on a little winning streak, too.

“I won $200 on Pick 4 on the 13th, $580 playing Pick 3 on the 14th, $40 again on Pick 3 on the 15th and then this $100,000 on the 16th,” she said, smiling.

The fortunate player plans to put some of her prize toward her retirement, which is planned for next year. She also wants to help her two adult sons and their families, who were hit hard financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. “They’ve worked so hard trying to make it through and I’m so thankful that I can help them,” she said.

Her lucky Lottery retailer, Broadway Liquors, is located at 1645 East Baltimore Street in Baltimore. For selling the $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the business will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.