Germantown Couple Headed To Aruba with Big Keno Win

‘Lottery regulars’ hit all seven numbers on a 7 spot ticket for $25,008 prize

Keno_thumbA lucky couple who described themselves as “Lottery regulars” are eagerly preparing for their Aruba vacation with more spending money than originally planned, thanks to a $25,008 Keno win on a 7-spot ticket.

The Germantown residents, who are both government employees, paid $24 for four rounds of Keno and added the Super Bonus feature to boost any prize they won. They managed a few matches on the first three draws of the quick-pick ticket and then all seven of their numbers showed up for the final round.

The couple purchased the winning ticket at the Germantown Liberty, which is located at 13411 Kingsview Village Avenue in Germantown.

“It was overwhelming … it was surprising … it was just, wow,” said the lucky woman, who reports the couple are just weeks away from celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. They didn’t do any celebrating at the Germantown Liberty retailer, however, and avoiding drawing attention to their win. “We kept everything low key,” said the husband. This Keno prize is the largest they’ve ever won on a Lottery game. They have enjoyed several other noteworthy wins on Keno and scratch-offs.

“I like Keno and the scratch-offs because the win is instant,” he said. “Who wants to wait until 7:55 to find out if you’re a winner?”

The couple had already planned a trip to Aruba for later this year and will use some of the Keno prize to enjoy their vacation. They also plan to pay a few bills. The Germantown Liberty is a winner as well. The retailer will receive a $250.08 bonus from the Maryland Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize value.