Germantown Family Taking 10X Cash Lottery Win to Ocean City

Scratch-off ticket revealed $10,000 top prize

10x CashA Germantown woman who was hoping for a little bit of Maryland Lottery luck got her wish in a big way when she won $10,000 on a 10X Cash scratch-off.

The 35-year-old Montgomery County resident bought and scratched the $10 ticket at the Hollywood Beer & Wine in Silver Spring. At first, she didn’t understand if she had won.

“My wife saw that all of the numbers on the ticket matched up but she didn’t know what that meant,” her husband explained. “She asked the person working to look at it for her.”

The clerk on duty scanned her ticket and immediately returned it, urging her to sign the back. Knowing that the scratch-off was a winner, but still not sure how much it was worth, the lucky Lottery player phoned her husband for help. They met and went to a friend’s convenience store to scan the ticket again. When their friend told them the ticket’s value, they were completely shocked.

“We couldn’t believe it,” her husband said, laughing.

The pair are very excited about the extra cash and looking forward to spending a week at the beach. “We’re planning a nice vacation to Ocean City with our daughter,” the winner said.

Hollywood Beer & Wine is located at 12703 New Hampshire Ave. in Silver Spring. The 10X Cash scratch-off has 100,000 prizes from $50 to $500. Keep an eye out for the two dozen remaining $10,000 top prizes, too!