Germantown Man has a Life-Changer of a Dream

A tree specialist who spends his days climbing high into the sky in Montgomery County likes to play a Maryland Lottery scratch-off or two after his feet hit the ground. Earlier this month, the Germantown man was doing just that — unsuccessfully — when he remembered a dream he’d had three months earlier. Following the dream’s clues led him to the Lottery’s Win Big scratch-off and a $1 million win.

“I stopped at the Beer & Wine store to play as I was heading home after work,” said the 34-year-old, referring to SN Beer & Wine in Germantown. “The first few tickets I bought didn’t add up to much, but before I picked another one, a dream I had back in March popped into my head.”

Although his memory of the dream was murky, the husband and father of two recalled two things that stayed with him when he awoke – the image of green and the idea of winning. “I always figured the green part was the green of cash, but when I was about to buy one last ticket I saw Win Big. It was green.”

About halfway down the $20 scratch-off was the match that delivered the game’s $1 million top prize. “My hands were shaking,” he said. “My heart was pounding so hard. I got very nervous all of a sudden. I hurried home to show my wife. She had the exact same reaction — the shaking, the heart, everything!”

A new home for the family and a college fund for the children top the Montgomery County couple’s post-win agenda. “We’ve been saving for a down payment for a year now,” the winner said. “This will make it happen for us.”

The new millionaire loves his job so much he plans to keep climbing trees every day. “I’ll probably keep playing every day after work, too,” he said. “It’s fun for me, relaxing. Who knows, maybe another big one will come my way.”

His lucky Lottery retailer, SN Beer & Wine at 12801 Wisteria Drive, is a winner, too. For selling a $1 million top-prize scratch-off, the Montgomery County store earns a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery. Just in case you want to try your luck with Win Big, the instant ticket has four more $1 million top prizes available as well as 11 $50,000 prizes and 44 $10,000 prizes.