Germantown Man Wins $50,000 Playing Million Money Match Scratch-off

On his way to work on Tuesday the Germantown resident went to the grocery store to pick up some money from Western Union. While there, the 30-year-old decided to purchase one Million Money Match scratch-off. He then went to his car and scratched the ticket. He couldn’t believe what he revealed. He kept reading and re-reading the fine print, thinking that he’d won $5,000 or $10,000.  When his wife, who is six months pregnant, received his news, her response was disbelief.  “I kept looking and looking at the ticket wondering if I missed something,” she said.

Still stunned by his good fortune and thinking himself $10,000 richer, the winner went to work. It was here that he discovered the extent of his win. “I showed my ticket to the guy at the place next door to mine in the mall,” said the winner. “He’s the one who told me it was $50,000 and he’s the only other person who knows about my win.”

The winner intends pay off bills with his prize money. “I’m going to manage it right,” he said. “I’m still in shock. I won’t believe it until it hits my bank.” The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #362 at 20944 Frederick Rd. in Germantown.