Gift Shop Clerk Wraps Up $20,000 Lottery Scratch-off Prize

Dundalk woman finds luck with Hit 20,000! game

160-Hit-$20,000-ITVMIt took a few minutes for the gift shop clerk to realize what she was seeing on her Maryland Lottery Hit $20,000! scratch-off. The moment she did, however, her celebration took off like a rocket. Winning $20,000 will inject that kind of confusion and then joy into your life.

“I just kept looking at it, again and again,” said the excited 25-year-old. “I started yelling and my family came running. Just like me, they didn’t believe it at first. But then, they joined in with the yelling.”

Her journey to her big win began with a trip to the New Foodways grocery store in Baltimore City. Our winner found herself with $2 in change after leaving the register and spotted a nearby Lottery vending machine.

“I buy a ticket every once in a while and just decided to give it a try,” the Baltimore County resident said. Her lucky choice: the popular $2 Hit $20,000! scratch-off game.

“My family and I are very close so we’ll all be enjoying this money,” she told Lottery officials. “My savings account will get a nice boost, too.”

There are still two $20,000 top prizes remaining on Hit $20,000! Sharing in the Lottery luck is New Foodways at 1501 Broening Highway. The retailer will receive a $200 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket.