Glen Burnie Woman Wins $20,000 Cash Word Prize [VIDEO]


Mary Lou Grooms’ has fond memories of her dad and believes his car tag number may have brought her good luck earlier this week. The Glen Burnie insurance specialist was heading to work on Monday morning, when she decided to stop by the EZ Quick Food Mart. While there, she purchased two scratch-off tickets. She scratched the tickets and checked them briefly to see if either was a winner.

At first glance, she didn’t think that she had won anything, but upon closer examination, she discovered that she was $20,000 richer. She then noticed that the ticket number on the bottom left corner was 141. “I thought to myself ‘those are dad’s tag numbers in reverse,’” said Mary Lou. “It must be a sign from him.”

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With her winnings Mary Lou plans to have some work done on her home and will put money in the bank. Mary Lou also shared some of her good fortune with a homeless man she encountered en route to Lottery Headquarters to claim her prize. “I gave him some money because I feel so fortunate,” said the grateful winner.

The winning Cash Word scratch-off ticket was sold by the EZ Quick Food Mart, located at 231 Mountain Rd. in Pasadena.

Mary Lou Groom - Cash Word

Mary Lou Grooms is $20,000 richer thanks to her
Cash Word