Glen Burnie Family Planning a Trip after Mom’s Scratch-off Win

IMG_3867 $10K Classic Crossword Glen Burnie webA trip to Disney World is on the horizon for Rebecca, Brian and their children after her $10,000 scratch-off win on the Classic Crossword game!

Wins $10,000 Classic Crossword Prize

What’s a six-letter word for a popular U.S. family vacation destination? Disney! That’s just where a crossword-playing Glen Burnie woman and her family are headed after her $10,000 win on a Maryland Lottery Classic Crossword scratch-off.

Lucky woman Rebecca Phipps was on her way to work when she and her partner decided to stop at the EZ Quick Food Market in Pasadena to play Lottery scratch-offs. Among the instant tickets she picked up at the lucky store, which is located at 231 Mountain Road, was a $5 Classic Crossword game. The 43-year-old enjoys extended-play games because you can take your time to play them.

Little did Rebecca know that Lady luck was also planning a visit that day.

“I didn’t know it was a $10,000 winner,” said Rebecca. “When the cashier handed me the slip it was upside down and it looked like it said $1,000, but she told me it was much more.” And, even after receiving the news that her win was $10,000, the lucky player still was skeptical. Either way, she gave the ticket to Brian Bateman, her significant other, and headed to her job at Food Lion. Brian made his way home and locked the ticket in a safe.

Once at work, the produce associate said she couldn’t concentrate. “I gotta get out of here,” she said. The Anne Arundel County resident spilled the beans to her supervisor, who told her to take the rest of the day off and claim her prize. Rebecca made a quick trip home to change clothes and then she and Brian came to Lottery headquarters to do just that.

The parents of four and grandparents of one, Rebecca and Brian plan to use the prize to get a second vehicle and take a family vacation to Disney World.

The Classic Crossword game still has one $50,000 top prize remaining and seven $10,000 prizes awaiting discovery at retailers.