Glen Burnie Man Gets Surprised on Wife’s Birthday

Wins $50,000 Taxes-Paid Top Prize on Bucks Deluxe Scratch-Off

Taxes Paid Bucks DeluxeWhen a Glen Burnie man surprised his wife with a few scratch-off tickets for her birthday, he had no idea that he’d be the one headed to Lottery headquarters to cash in a $50,000 Taxes-Paid Bucks Deluxe prize. The 46-year-old told Lottery officials that instead of making his wife dinner, he gave her scratch-offs tickets. “I knew she’d love those,” he said. She ended up winning $300. After receiving her prize money, she gave him $80. That was when he decided to purchase a few scratch-offs of his own.

“When I started scratching the ticket, I noticed that it appeared that I had won the big prize,” he said. “I began to get so nervous. I then called my brother for him to look at it to make sure I wasn’t imaging things.”

The lucky winner was again pleasantly surprised to find out that a special feature of the Bucks Deluxe scratch-off is that state and federal taxes are paid on the ticket’s top prize.  The father-of-five intends to purchase a new car with his winnings and send some of his prize money to his family in El Salvador. The winning ticket was purchased at the Lake Shore Exxon on Mountain Rd in Pasadena.