Glen Burnie Man Hits Home Run with Baseball Bucks Scratch-off

Marcus Terry - Baseball Bucks_webCongrats to Marcus Terry of Glen Burnie, who discovered a $50,000 top-prize Baseball Bucks scratch-off.

Claims $50,000 top prize on $5 game

What a winning week for Marcus Terry of Glen Burnie! The grocery dairy clerk began buying and winning small amounts with the Maryland Lottery’s Baseball Bucks scratch-off and then hit a $50,000 home run with his final instant ticket purchase!

“All week long I’ve been playing these tickets,” Marcus said, after claiming the scratch-off’s top prize on Friday at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Lottery scratch-offs are sold where he works, at ShopRite of Glen Burnie. The Oakland Raiders fan likes the play style of the Baseball Bucks scratch-off because it keeps putting money back in his pocket!

On Tuesday, for example, when he worked the late shift, he spent $30 on Baseball Bucks scratch-offs and won $90 back. His next day’s purchase of $20 worth of scratch-offs returned only $10 in winnings. However, he ended the work week with a bases-loaded home run hit of a final purchase just before he started his 7 a.m. work shift.

“The first one I scratched was the $50,000 one,” Marcus said. However, the 56-year-old didn’t realize the size of his win at first because he only scratched part of the prize amount on the ticket. At first glance, it appeared he’d won $50. “I scratched more and saw $500. Each time I scratched,” he said, “the amount got bigger.”

When the father of six revealed the final zero on the prize amount on his winning ticket, he was so shocked he dropped a bag on top of the scratch-off to hide it! Luckily, no one had seen anything. The only three people who knew about his win that day were his supervisor, a security guard and his wife. The couple had talked about taking a trip to Ohio to visit her family so he sent her a text at 7:17 a.m. that said, “Guess what! We just got the money to go to Ohio!”

All his co-workers knew was that “I was in a good mood,” he said, smiling.

In addition to taking a trip, the grandparents of seven plan to add a second vehicle to their one-car household with part of the prize. “She’s been online all morning looking at cars,” Marcus said.

His lucky workplace is located at 6716 Governor Ritchie Highway. For selling the top-prize ticket on the scratch-off, ShopRite will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. One more $50,000 top prize and three $5,000 prizes are unclaimed on the ticket.