Globe-trotting Engineer Puts Maryland on his Lucky Scratch-off Map

John Kandt of New York has future fishing expeditions in mind as he hoists his scratch-off haul.

Claims $10,000 top prize on Neon x20 scratch-off

New Yorker John Kandt has seen a lot as he travels the world as a safety engineer, but he cocked an eyebrow in surprise when his gaze settled on a $10,000 top-prize win on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off.

The Oswego, N.Y. resident discovered his prize during an ordinary August evening while on temporary assignment in Maryland. The lucky 47-year-old purchased several Neon x20 scratch-offs along with some groceries at Klein’s ShopRite #547 located at 223 N. Main Street in Bel Air.

While on assignment, John maintains a busy schedule with engineering projects for Graycor, Inc. When he gets free time, he likes to join his co-workers and roommates for some much deserved entertainment. “We watch (‘The) Big Bang Theory,’ eat ice cream and scratch scratch-offs,” John said.

The evening he scratched his $10 Neon x20 instant tickets, he immediately requested a second set of eyes to review one of the tickets. The lucky scratch-off revealed several matches, all with winning amounts from $10 to $1,000. When his roommate finally tallied the win, the total was $10,000!

John kept the instant ticket on the dresser next to his bed and claimed the prize just before he returned to New York. The lucky player can’t wait to spend time – and some of his winnings – with his girlfriend and her two children out on Lake Ontario. He plans to purchase a 30-foot boat with his prize to enjoy during future outings.

The Neon x20 scratch-off game is packed with nearly 265,000 unclaimed prizes of $10 and up. Still unclaimed are three $100,000 winning tickets, four $20,000 winners, eight $10,000 winners and 23 $1,000 winners.