Gold Medal Winner Takes the Medal Madness Podium [VIDEO]


Wins Medal Madness $250,000 Top Prize

Glen Burnie resident, Kenny Smith, was at Lowe’s shopping for his home improvement company suitably named, Kenny Smith’s Improvement Services, when he got a call from his wife.  She informed him that he had a special delivery at the house from the Maryland Lottery.  After hanging up, she went online to where she discovered that her spouse had won $250,000 in the Lottery’s Medal Madness promotion.  She quickly called him back and told him the good news.  Kenny’s entry was drawn from over 100,000 entries received in the Medal Madness promotion, which required players to collect bronze, medal and gold logos on their Lottery terminal tickets.

Kenny said that he was rather calm after learning that he was a quarter of a million dollars richer and continued to get everything he needed to complete his home improvement jobs for the day.  “I had to finish what I started,” he said. He was also still a bit skeptical about his win.  “Until I see the check it’s not real,” he said. “I believe show me the money.”

Kenny who is originally from North Carolina, says he may use some of his winnings to go to Myrtle Beach. “I’m going to get a hotel and just look out at the ocean.”  Until making his trip, he intends to continue buying houses and fixing them up. “That’s what I do,” said Kenny.  “I like people to live like I live, comfortably.  Referring to his prize, the Gold Medal winner added, “This right here is a truly a blessing.”

Kenny Smith - Medal Madness