Golden Opportunity for Parkville Man

Wins $10,000 Top Prize on Golden Glitter Scratch-off

William Pilkerton - Golden GlitterWilliam Pilkerton from Parkville has a penchant for purchasing attractive scratch-off tickets.  This morning, the $2 Golden Glitter scratch-off caught his eye and ended up making him a $10,000 winner.

William made his routine morning stop at Canton Market to get a beverage and a couple scratch-offs.  He purchased two Golden Glitter tickets.  He scratched his first ticket to reveal a non-winner. But, as he scratched the second ticket in the store, he quickly put on his glasses. “I wanted to make certain that $10,000 was what my eyes were seeing,” said William.

Immediately he took the ticket to the clerk to check. “Look what you just sold me,” said the married father-of-two as he handed the clerk the winning ticket.  After leaving the market, he made another stop at a local Shoppers Food store. While there, he decided to try his hand again and purchased a Winner Weather scratch-off to win an additional $20.

A supervisor for the H&S Bakery, William plans to pay off a few bills with his winnings and save the rest for a rainy day.

The winning ticket was purchased at Canton Market, located at 2334 Boston St. in Baltimore.