Golf Course Worker Keeps it Green With $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Montgomery Village resident enjoys continued success with $1,000,000 Platinum Play game

A semi-retired golf course worker and Maryland Lottery enthusiast from Montgomery County landed the largest prize of his life this week when a $1,000,000 Platinum Play ticket delivered a $50,000 win.

The 59-year-old Montgomery Village resident said he’s had lots of luck winning smaller prizes on the $20 ticket, including several $500 prizes and two $1,000 prizes. Imagine his surprise when one of the $1,000,000 Platinum Play tickets he purchased on March 1 delivered the game’s last $50,000 prize!

After buying several instant tickets that day, he went home, sat in front of his computer and began entering the scratch-off numbers into his My Lottery Rewards account. When the $1,000,000 Platinum Play ticket wasn’t accepted, the scratch-off fan knew it was a winner because winning scratch-offs aren’t eligible for entry into the player loyalty program. After that, it was a simple matter of scratching the instant ticket and finding a $50,000 prize waiting for him.

“I’m happy – it’ll help pay bills,” the lucky winner said. “I’ll stop and buy tickets a few times a week, so it’s nice to get a win like this.”

He bought the $50,000-winning ticket at Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine, located at 9150 Rothsbury Drive in Gaithersburg. The $1,000,000 Platinum Play game, which went on sale in August 2016, still has two unclaimed $1 million top prizes awaiting discovery, as well as nine $10,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000.