Golf Enthusiast Hits Hole in One with Multi-Match Jackpot

Annapolis man claims prize from July 31 drawing

An Annapolis golfer has spent several weeks working with a financial planner, thanks to his hole-in-one play with the Maryland Lottery’s $500,000 Multi-Match jackpot.

The 72-year-old retiree took the cash option on the July 31 win, resulting in about $350,500 for the former sales executive to enjoy with his wife. The first-time winner is amazed at his luck.

“I probably have only spent about $20 on Lottery tickets my whole life,” said the father of two adult children. Had he not heard the person ahead of him in line at the Quick Save Mart in Annapolis, our happy winner would still be playing in the rough rather than on the green. He was buying a sandwich and cup of coffee when he heard the customer getting Lottery tickets. The Anne Arundel County resident followed suit, buying tickets for the Multi-Match and Powerball drawings and went on his way. About a week later, he thought to check the tickets.

To his surprise, every Multi-Match number on one line of his $2 ticket matched those in the drawing. He also matched nine numbers of 18 played on the ticket, which meant a $500 win. The novice player wasn’t sure what all this meant financially so he called the Lottery for assistance. That news sent him to a financial planner and the rest is history!

Our winner said he and his wife haven’t yet decided what to do with their prize but plan to keep quiet about it. He’s been happily retired for the last decade and plans to continue enjoying playing golf and running the household while his “better half” continues to work.

For selling the winning ticket, the retailer at 524 Defense Highway in Annapolis received a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.