Grandma Gets Biggest Win Ever on Biggest Taxes Paid Ever Scratch-off

Somerset County woman claims $50,000 taxes-paid top prize

Biggest Taxes Paid EverA Somerset County woman who typically cashes in wins of $5 up to $50 at her local Maryland Lottery retailer didn’t mind taking a much longer trip to claim her latest prize. The grandmother of two enjoyed a trip across the Bay Bridge to the Lottery Winner’s Lounge in Baltimore, where she claimed her $50,000 top prize on the Biggest Taxes Paid Ever scratch-off!

“This is my biggest prize ever,” said the Eastern Shore resident. “I like any ticket that will return my money and give me more!”

The 73-year-old plans to spend her winnings from the $5 ticket to pay bills, set up a college fund for an extended family member and boost her savings account.

The loyal scratch-off player found her Lottery luck at Kash & Karry at 12020 Somerset Avenue in Princess Anne. For selling the top-prize ticket, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.