Grandmother Takes Home Jumbo Win

Bel Air Woman Wins $100,000 Playing Jumbo Cash Doubler

Jumbo Cash DoublerNervously, a 66-year-old Lottery player entered the Claims Center with her son-in-law. Although she was a little shaky, you could tell that internally she was jumping for joy. That’s because she was sitting on a $100,000 Jumbo Cash Doubler win that she had to hold on to all weekend.

“Even with my alarm system and hiding the ticket, I still did not sleep well for a couple of days,” said the grandmother of two teenagers.

It was on Friday when lady luck appeared to this Bel Air resident. The fortunate player purchased her regular Lottery tickets and also picked up a King Cash scratch-off. She won $10 from that ticket and turned it in for a Jumbo Cash Doubler scratch-off. “It was new and right in front of me, so I chose that one,” she said. “She likes those new tickets,” said her son-in-law, who accompanied her to Lottery Headquarters.  The winner said she scratched the ticket in the store, but first only revealed the bar code and had the retailer scan it for her. It said to take to the Lottery, so she scratched the rest of the ticket to see for how much she had won. “My legs turned to jello when I saw that it was for $100,000,” she gently smiled.

The winner, who recently underwent two surgeries, said she is going to use the winnings towards medical bills. She said she will also buy something for herself and her grandkids, plus take the family out to a nice dinner. The winning ticket was purchased at Bel Air Liquors, located at 116 South Hickory Ave.