Grandparents Claim $1 Million Second-Tier Powerball Prize

Fort Washington couple will share winnings with children and grandchildren

Maryland’s newest millionaires wasted no time coming to Maryland Lottery headquarters on Monday to claim their $1 million second-tier Powerball prize. After all, the retired government employees have adult children and grandchildren to spoil!

He is a lifelong Lottery player, trying his luck several times a week at different games, while she is a jackpot chaser. His biggest win to date was about 10 years ago, when he won $22,500 on multiple tickets for Pick 4. The Fort Washington man didn’t even buy his ticket before Saturday night. He focused on football, rather than Powerball, on Saturday as he spent time with his grandson watching football.

On his way home, our winner stopped off at his favorite Lottery retailer and picked up his Powerball numbers. He picked the numbers himself, playing a combination of birthdays as he has for years with no luck. The evening passed, the drawing came and went, and, around midnight, he decided to check the Maryland Lottery website for the winning Powerball numbers.

“My wife was working on the computer downstairs,” he said. “I went down and I told her, ‘Stay calm. I think we won $1 million.’ We were both shocked!”

The 65-year-old signed the ticket and left the house to take it to a safe, where he kept it all weekend. Back home, he went to bed but sleep was futile. “I was planning,” he said. “When I’m planning and thinking I can’t sleep.”

Keeping their win a secret is the name of the game for the duo. They plan to pay some bills, spoil their family and bank the rest.

A regular customer, he bought his lucky ticket at the Fort Washington Mobil at 11800 Livingston Road in Fort Washington.