Great Deal Gives 5 Card Cash Player a $10,000 Lottery Prize

Winning hand holds a Royal Flush

A Pennsylvania man crossed the border hoping for a great deal on the Maryland Lottery’s 5 Card Cash game wound up with just that! His $2 ticket delivered a $10,000 instant win because it held a Royal Flush.

The 71-year-old said he managed the almost impossible.

“It’s such a once in a lifetime thing to happen in the game of poker,” he said.

The resident of Needmore, a town in southern Fulton County, began playing the popular poker-style game about a year ago. Friends shared with him how much fun they had with the game’s play style, which combines an instant win with a daily drawing.

“The last time I won a lot of money playing the Lottery, it was a few years back,” he said. “It was for $2,600 for playing Pick 4.”

He found his Lottery luck at Pittmans Liquor Store located at 1 Virginia Avenue in Hancock. He told Lottery officials that he and his wife would probably save most of the prize and spend a little on some home repairs.

Not familiar with 5 Card Cash? It’s based on a standard poker game using a 52-card playing deck. Each $2 ticket has a chance to win up to two times as an instant win and in the daily evening drawing. You win instantly if your ticket shows a poker hand of a pair of Jacks or better. With the drawing, you win by matching two or more of the randomly drawn cards including the same suit and rank.