Great-Grandma Does Victory Dance to Celebrate $10,000 Lottery Win

Baltimore woman claims $10,000 top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

196-10x-Cash-ITVM_P1-blueA Baltimore great-grandmother whooped, screamed and performed a Lottery winner victory dance on Memorial Day weekend after revealing a $10,000 top prize on her Maryland Lottery 10x Cash scratch-off.

“I had to look at the ticket two or three times,” said the 73-year-old, laughing as she remembered her antics. “I was at home alone and I was screaming, just screaming like crazy.” She admits she performed quite a victory dance, as well, before calling her daughter to share her good news.

The child care provider is savoring her first big win on a Lottery scratch-off. She’s won smaller sums playing Mega Millions, but nothing close to her $10,000 prize.

“I play off and on,” she said. “When I feel lucky I play a number or use the children’s birthdays.” The mother of four adult children, 11 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren has plenty of birthdays to choose from when that lucky feeling hits!

The loyal player was visiting her daughter when she stopped in Lakeside Liquors at 9229 Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills to buy a scratch-off to take home. The lucky lady favors $10 instant tickets because she’s had some luck with them.

“I waited until I got home where I could take my time and see the ticket right,” she said. Using a coin, which is her favorite scratcher, she was “shocked” at the size of her prize.

Her daughter, who grew up watching her mom play Lottery scratch-offs, is a loyal player, too, and vows that she’ll soon return to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her own prize.

Our winner isn’t sure yet what she will do with her prize. “I’m just enjoying the moment,” she said. Saving the windfall, going on a vacation and donating some of the prize to her church are on the top of her list.

There are still 55 $10,000 top prizes remaining on the 10x Cash scratch-off and 32 $1,000 prizes.