Great-Grandma’s Second Try Yields Lottery Instant Ticket Win

Baltimore resident claims $10,000 top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

10x CashWhen a Baltimore great-grandma spotted the Maryland Lottery’s new 10x Cash scratch-off, she took a closer look. The colorful $10 game is packed with more than 80 $10,000 top prizes so she decided to give it a try. She won $15!

A week later, the former state lab technician returned to Security Liquors at 6628 Security Boulevard in Baltimore to give the game a second chance. She scratched her ticket off in the store and revealed a $10,000 winner! Our loyal player kept very, very quiet. “I put the ticket in my purse and came home,” she said.

The married mother of nine called a daughter to share the good news and then locked the 10x Cash ticket in her safe until the two of them could come to Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. She’s told no one else about her win!

Having an ill husband to care for and enough grandchildren and great-grandchildren to fill a school bus keeps her busy doing for others. The 76-year-old plans to spend her prize paying off bills and will then do something nice for herself. There are 83 $10,000 top prizes remaining on the 10x Cash game.